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31 Ford Roadster

1931 Ford Model A Roadster
Showcasing our SBC Straight Back Zoomie Headers
Shown close up directly below

SBC Straight Back Zoomies

These Zoomies sell for $315 per set.
Baffles are available for $65 per set installed.
These zoomies fit Model "A"s and vehicles with similar sized cowls.

All of our headers are made with 1 3/4 thick wall tubing, our own trick looking
3/8 thick cnc laser cut flanges, and are fully TIG welded in precision jigs to ensure perfection.

SBC Same Angle

Above is our Clover Cut design.
It is a popular set for those who want to keep the noise down and behind them while driving.

This set sells for $315 as well.

Baffles are also $65 installed per set.
We can bolt them in for ease of removal at the strip, or weld them in for a hassle free approach.


Here we have our SBC DK set. All of the headers we sell are our own design, but this is one of my favorites.
It is close to port tuned lengths and it sounds as good as it looks.
This set is $325 and comes with the flanges shown on the sets above. This race looking style is special order.


This is the last set of Zoomies that we are jigged up to build and offer at rates correlating to quick production.
This set is $345.

We can build any style of header for any engine/vehicle.
We have most hot rod engine flanges in stock, and can map and cut whatever we don't have.
Give us a call at 619-991-9353